About CeHA

The Consumers e-Health Alliance (CeHA) is an unincorporated not for profit organisation. Its partners cover many leading chronic illnesses, disabilities and carer organisations along with individual members. Established in 2010, the Consumers e-Health Alliance, brings together the voice of a range of consumer organisations interested in harnessing information and communications technologies to provide better healthcare for all Australians.

CeHA is a collective of consumer oriented organisations and people who have displayed active positive interest in e-Health programs. Our activities are to highlight the need to engage with all affected health industry sectors within the Governance, Leadership and Management of the national electronic infrastructure system. We espouse the need for community wide:-

| Communication | Co-operation | Collaboration | Coordination |

CeHA seeks agreed standards at all levels and for all affected community sectors to be appropriately represented at the same table at the same time. CeHA provides the avenue for the tabling of ideas, concerns, needs, information on e-health in which development we have a common interest and which directly affects the individual lifestyles of every citizen including their individual health needs at all times.


( as at 26/8/2012 )

CeHA Convenor:

      • Peter Brown

CeHA Steering Committee:

    • Peter Brown (Cancer Voices Australia)
    • Russell McGowan (Health Consumer Council – ACT)
    • Anna Williamson (Leukaemia Foundation)
    • Eric Browne, Carer
    • Dr Janet Wale (Cochrane Consumer Network)